Los Islotes and Isla San Francisco

Feb 20, 2020 - National Geographic Venture

The morning began with a fiery sunrise followed by a roll into the water to encounter the myriad of California sea lions waiting to play with our guests. With loud brays and quick movements in the water, these marine mammals had us experiencing a roll of emotions as they swirled around. The afternoon brought us to Isla San Francisco where we snorkeled, beach-combed, searched the intertidal landscape and climbed high upon the hill. Finishing our explorations with a sunset barbeque for all to enjoy.

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About the Author

Paul North

Undersea Specialist

Paul North is the founder of the educational nonprofit Meet the Ocean and host of its online podcast. As a polar diver with Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic, he tours the remote underwater landscapes of Antarctica and other sub-zero destinations to emphasize the importance, diversity, and unexpected color of the invertebrate kingdom.

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