Approaching South Georgia

Feb 28, 2020 - National Geographic Orion

Today we are well on our way in crossing the Scotia Sea towards South Georgia. The moderate ocean swells of the morning eased into a gentle following sea, making for a very comfortable ride by midday. Our seabird companions periodically visited, and careful observers logged more than ten species, from the majestic wandering albatross to diminutive water dancing black-bellied storm petrels. A variety of marine mammals were also spotted, from fin whales to fur seals. We were kept busy with presentations by our photo and naturalist team and later revisited the visitor guidelines and decontamination protocols as applicable to the specific requirements of South Georgia. We are more than willing to do our part to minimize our impact to the wildlife and landscapes we plan to visit over the next several days, and eagerly anticipate our arrival early tomorrow morning at this unique, isolated, and historic sub-Antarctic island.

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Growing up in the Appalachian foothills of the Garden State, Rob instinctively knew it made a lot more sense to head over the hill into the fields, forests, lakes, and streams behind his house, rather than down the road to the shopping mall in front of it. The natural world piqued the inherent curiosity in all of us and set his life course based on these questions: how does the world work, and how do we as humans fit into it?  

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