At sea towards Falkland Islands

Mar 02, 2020 - National Geographic Explorer

Days at sea are interesting and many options are available. Today was a day to relax and recharge, as we still have the last part of our journey ahead: the Falkland Islands. People did as they pleased, attending scheduled presentations, spending time on the Bridge with the officers, or birdwatching with the naturalists. For some others, it was time to treat themselves with some sauna time or a well-deserved spa treatment. Reading in the ship´s library is also always a popular thing to do. The idea is to always maximize your day and get ready for the days to come. As usual, there are some guests who want to do it all, even during a day at sea!

Certainly, days at sea are the best time to get to know your ship and your shipmates, talk about recent adventures, share pictures, and share thoughts. The Falkland Islands are still 30 hours ahead of us…so, good night everyone!

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About the Author

Javier Cotin


Javier 's passion for birds and nature began as a child exploring the Pyrenees mountains with his father. The mystery that surrounds the Lammergeier silhouette triggered his curiosity and interest towards wildlife. 

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