Urbina Bay & Tagus Cove, Isabela Island

Mar 03, 2020 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today we continued exploring the majestic island of Isabela, in the western part of the archipelago. In the morning, we went for a hike along the coastline of Alcedo Volcano! The whole area was uplifted somewhat recently; before 1954 it was all under water. We found evidence of this in the rocks of the area, they have shells and tubeworms encrusted in them. Land iguanas were spotted as well, right on the path, so our guests had to walk slowly so that they would disturb! But the best highlight was the giant tortoises, icons of the Galapagos. In the afternoon, we enjoyed the water activities, sunset Zodiac rides and an invigorating hike following Darwin´s footsteps to the top of Tagus Cove.

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About the Author

Anahí Concari


Anahí grew up in a small house by the beach in the Galápagos Islands. Along with her best friend, she used to wander during the days around mangrove trees, becoming a different animal every day. She used to camp on solitary beaches, snorkel with sharks, dive with her uncle, a local dive instructor, and sail around the islands with her free spirit neighbors, learning about nature with her own hands, eyes and ears.  

About the Videographer

Ross Weinberg

Video Chronicler

Born in Hollywood with a camera in his hand, Ross is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who is inspired by a good-organic-wholesome-LA-vegan cause and strives to raise awareness wherever he can through his pictures and films. While majoring in Film and Economics at the Boston University College of Communication, he learned the art of documentary filmmaking as an editor and cameraman for the Harvard-Smithsonian Science Media Group. 

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