Santiago Island

Mar 05, 2020 - National Geographic Islander

Today we find ourselves in the center of the Galapagos, on a hilly large island with magnificent geology, flora and fauna. We set off before breakfast for the first outing of the day. Our wet landing brought us to a brown sandy beach where we had ample opportunity to observe seabirds like boobies and pelicans dive for fish, and lots of ghost crabs playing hide and seek in the sand. Back on board during breakfast, we navigated to Buccaneer's Cove, yet another location with astonishing geology. Snorkeling here is like a study in marine biology with such an abundance of fish of all types and colors, as well as other creatures like sea lions, rays and sharks.

Our afternoon was no less interesting. Some groups went on hikes along the shore to marvel at the varied wildlife of this place. Marine iguanas, sea lions, fur seals, all kinds of marine and migratory species were seen and photographed without much difficulty. Others chose to take it easy on the beach, taking pictures or simply strolling along.  It’s been another beautiful day in the Galapagos, and we’re excited for tomorrow’s adventure.

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About the Author

Patricio Maldonado

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Patricio, better known as Pato amongst his friends, was born in the Galápagos Island. His family moved to the islands from the mainland and settled on the island of Santa Cruz over thirty-five years ago. Pato had an enchanted childhood in the islands, where his keen interest in the wildlife of the Galápagos was born initially through catching lizards and observing how they lost their tails. His experiences in the islands have led him to teach visitors about the need to protect this rare and unique environment.

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