San José del Cabo

Mar 10, 2020 - National Geographic Venture

Whale lovers rejoiced this morning aboard National Geographic Venture. For several hours we watched dozens of humpback whales exhibit an array of behaviors such as fluke up diving, pectoral flipper slapping, head lunging and breaching. A few other species including bottlenose dolphins, an unidentified species of shark, and California sea lions added variety and made things even more interesting.

Those who also celebrated fauna of the avian variety were treated to a special outing in one of Mexico’s largest estuaries, Estero San José. Many different birds were observed like herons, kingfishers, and osprey to name a few.

Afterwards, the group was led through an informative tour of the city focusing on the historical Jesuit Mission through San José del Cabo. Our local guide then brought us to observe a bit of cultural craftsmanship. We watched carefully as artesian glassblowers practiced their craft. A final stint of whale watching from our vessel rounded off our day.

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About the Author

James Ramsdell

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

From a young age James has had a passion for science and exploration. Growing up on the coast of Massachusetts with regular trips to New Hampshire's wilderness led to a love for the oceans and mountains. He earned a degree in Geological Sciences at age 21. Seeking adventure, he moved to the island of Maui. There he worked as a deckhand and naturalist for whale watching and snorkel charters. James honed his skill in photography before moving to Juneau, Alaska where he worked as a photography guide and naturalist. He has continued to work seasonally, Hawaii in the winter and Juneau in the summer for the past two years.

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