Floreana Island

Mar 10, 2020 - National Geographic Islander

We woke up for an early pre-breakfast hike at Punta Cormorant on Floreana Island. This was a great walk where we found flamingoes feeding in a lagoon and fresh green sea turtles tracks from nesting females that came to the beach last night. We spent the rest of the morning snorkeling along the shore of Champion Islet where the visibility was amazing and we could observe the wildlife under the ocean. In the afternoon, we explored Post Office Bay by kayak, while some guests went to spend the rest of the afternoon on relaxing shores.

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About the Author

Javier Carrion


Javier grew up on Santa Cruz island where his grandparents first arrived in the 1940´s. Veritable pioneers, his grandparents settled in the highlands where they found a place to raise their children.

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