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  • Glacier Bay National Park

    George Vancouver never saw Glacier Bay, he just saw the face of a glacier back in 1794.  Since then, the retreating glaciers have made one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States, and this was our destination for the day.  From goats to glaciers, bears to Bartlett Cove, puffins to painting with glacial ice, there were plenty of reasons to be on the bow today!

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  • Inian Islands, Alaska

    After spending our first days exploring the glacial fjords and towering rain forests of Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage, we repositioned, heading north along the rugged coastline to experience the region’s thriving ocean ecosystem.

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  • Santa Cruz and Eden

    Guests onboard National Geographic Endeavour II spent the day exploring Santa Cruz and surrounding satellite islands. We began the day with a long hike across the northwestern side of Santa Cruz in search of the endemic land iguana. Along the way, guests learned about various plant species unique to Galapagos and their special adaptations to this harshly dry and salty terrestrial environment. We delved into the way in which the leather leaf and cactus genera have evolved to decrease the surface area of their leaves, in order to reduce the rate of evapotranspiration during dry spells. Guests learned about the ways in which Galapagos plants defend themselves against large herbivores, including spines and gigantism.

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  • Saginaw Bay and Chatham Strait

    After having sailed all night long north of Petersburg, National Geographic Quest started a new day off Kuiu Island. Beautiful clouds filtered the early morning sunrays and regaled us with a wonderful show for us early-risers.  The first humpback whale and sea otter of the day were spotted soon after that as we navigated towards the northern portion of Kuiu. We entered the large Saginaw Bay, past an intriguing ancient Tlingit pictograph on the cliff and anchored at Halleck Harbor.

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  • Buchan Gulf, Baffin Island, Canada

    This morning, guests enjoyed polar kayaking and hiking in Feachem Bay off Buchan Gulf. The long hike became a short hike when a polar bear and her cubs were spotted along the route. Afterward, we visited the remains of a small Thule village protected by drifting sand. Former Canadian Coast Guard Captain Sylvain Bertrand, with his recently-trained archaeologist’s eye, located meat caches and a Thule tent ring on the site.

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  • LeConte Bay and Petersburg

    No one likes a Wednesday, unless you’re on a National Geographic vessel with Lindblad Expeditions. The morning began in LeConte Bay, with iceberg cruising and beautiful views, surrounded by photogenic fog and densely blue ice sculptures. In the afternoon, National Geographic Quest repositioned to the small fishing town of Petersburg, where a variety of hiking options allowed those who wanted to stretch their legs to see a remarkable temperate rainforest or muskeg bog. A stroll around the town itself will showcase special characteristics – it is quaint and full of history. This option captivated many onboard.

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  • El Chato, Santa Cruz

    Today we visited Santa Cruz Island, which is the biggest island in terms of population (roughly 20000 inhabitants) and the second biggest island in terms of extension (986 square km). Many Ecuadorian cultures mix together in Puerto Ayora, the town of Santa Cruz, since this is a place to which many families from several provinces of Ecuador moved several years ago. Nowadays, we find a big variety of traditions and customs that are still developing and transforming the culture in Galapagos.

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  • Inians and Elfin Cove

    Our gorgeous day in Southeast Alaska started with light rain and mist dewing the landscape. While there were small swells in the passage, we ducked into the quaint settlement of Elfin Cove: population 8 (year-round). The museum, post office, general store, and gift shop opened for the day and some meandered around the town’s boardwalk loop, taking in the scenery. 

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  • Devon Island, Canada

    We spent the morning exploring Hyde Inlet between Philpots and Devon Island. Guests split their time between Zodiac cruising among the beautiful icebergs and listening to an interesting talk on “Environmental Intelligence” by our global perspective speaker Kathy Sullivan. Muskox is one of the few animals that can survive the harsh climate in this part of the Arctic, and all passengers got the chance to observe two individuals resting in the sun. We also saw black guillemots hunting for food, diving into the water among the icebergs.

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  • Floreana: Punta Cormorant, Champion and Post Office Bay

    Today we moved south of San Cristobal, to Floreana Island. Floreana is unique for many reasons. One being that this island is rich with human history. It was colonized in the late 1700s by Paul Watkins and later by a series of unique characters that are today remembered as part of a rich history that reflects the difficulties early settlers faced due to the isolation of the islands.

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