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  • Catalina Island

    The most beautiful day of the trip broke just opposite Catalina Island and cast a gorgeous glow onto the town of Avalon. We went ashore into the bustling harbor and made our way into town. Some chose to find their own way through the streets amid the golf carts, while others took a walk up to the botanical gardens or the historic casino. Afterwards we returned to National Geographic Venture and set sail to the other side of Catalina Island for some more wild activities. We landed at Little Harbor and set up a beach party. Some opted for guided kayaking, some sprung for a long hike. Still others enjoyed their own meanderings on the beach or margaritas served onshore by the bar team. The sun set in a glorious Southern California fashion and closed out a beautiful trip.

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  • Golfo Dulce, Playa Blanca and La Palma

    Today, on the second day of our journey through Costa Rica and Panama, we woke up inside the calm waters of the Golfo Dulce, the southernmost gulf. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, green lush vegetation and exuberant forests; the Gulf is home to wildlife, but most importantly to 7,000 Costa Ricans that make a living mostly out of agriculture and tourism. We visited five projects: a. Gold panning and sugar mill combo, b. the Jacana/hearts of palm project, c. the Cacao-Kobo farm, and d. the Danta lodge trail.

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  • Isabela and Fernandina Islands

    We cruised on smooth seas during the night and at daybreak were north of Isabela Island, having crossed the equator in the wee hours. For 45 minutes we search the tranquil seas for birds and marine mammals until finally naturalist Christian spotted a huge pod of common dolphins feeding west of us. First mate Patricio maneuvered the ship slowly alongside them and we watched as they leapt and dove; there were 300-400 hundred of them!

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  • Santa Rosa Island

    What a perfect day in the Channel Islands starting with a 360-degree view from the middle of the Santa Barbara Channel. On our approach to Santa Rosa Islands, we were treated to a stunning view of the four of the Channel Islands and the entire Gaviota Coastline from Point Conception to the Santa Monica Mountains.

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  • Isla Brummel and Punta Zapotal

    In the early pre-dawn morning aboard National Geographic Sea Lion, the constellation Orion is low in the western sky. A pair of humpback whales makes a brief appearance before the sun rises, motivating those late risers on board. The morning’s activities included snorkeling in the beautiful waters of Isla Brummel where guests saw a variety of reef fish characteristic of the tropical eastern Pacific and hiking on Punta Zapotal with sightings of a Mangrove Cuckoo.

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  • Costa Rica, Osa Peninsula

    Today we had the great opportunity to visit and explore one of the most well preserved and pristine tropical rainforest of this country. This is located in the Osa Penisula where we were able to explore Caletas Wildlife Refuge and the famous Corcovado National Park, two places that most Costa Ricans have never visited because its difficult access.

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  • Bartolome and Rabida Islands

    Our first outing on the second day of our expedition was to Bartolome. The hike in the early morning prepared all of us for snorkeling from the beach. The most experienced swimmers went around the pinnacle rock looking for wildlife while the beginners took to exploring along the shore. As the first couple entered the water, two penguins came by and started surfing the small waves right on the shore to catch their breakfast of sardines.

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  • Punta Espinoza & Punta Vicente Roca

    Today we woke up in the western realm of the Galapagos, between Isabela and Fernandina Islands. After breakfast, we disembarked for a natural history walk along Punta Espinoza, in Fernandina Island. As we disembarked, we saw massive numbers of marine iguanas basking on the lava rocks. Photographers were able to capture the outstanding hunting behaviors of Galapagos hawks that were trying to catch one of the many large iguanas around them. During our walk, we also observed flightless cormorants, the only cormorant in the world that does not fly. The highlights of the snorkeling activity in Punta Espinoza were marine iguanas and green sea turtles grazing in the bottom of the rocky shores.

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  • Crossing Bransfield Strait

    As Spert Island came into view from the bridge, we had no idea just how exciting a morning awaited us! The small island off the coast of Trinity Island was named by the British in 1960 in honour of Thomas Spert; Henry VIII’s first master of mariners, but the history was certainly the least interesting thing about this magical place. Spert is an island of stark geology with a myriad of rocky skerries around its shores, hiding secret passes lined by huge mountainous cliffs. Those cliffs are the nesting grounds of several species of bird, including cape petrels, Antarctic terns and brown skuas. The birds wheel great circles in the air as we careered about in our Zodiacs and a curious leopard seal eyed us up from one of the rocky islands. 

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  • North Seymour & Rabida Islands

    During our first full day of exploration, the guests of National Geographic Endeavour II explored North Seymour Island during the morning, where everybody went on a hike to observe and photograph marine birds like blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigatebirds. During the afternoon, our guests had the chance to snorkel and hike in Rabida Island.

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