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  • Chatham Straight and Lake Eva

    This morning we woke cruising in Chatham Straight with typical Alaskan weather. A light drizzle fell under palladium skies as we approached Warm Springs Bay to pick up our guest speaker for the morning, Dr. Andy Szabo from the Alaska Whale Foundation. Not only is he a great speaker, but it was fascinating to learn about the research they’re doing on the bubble-netting humpback whales of Southeast Alaska. It was a great compliment to our sighting of this behavior on Monday, and he reminded us how we could submit our pictures in order to contribute to his research.

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  • Sitkoh Bay | Chichagof Island | Baranof Island

    We met a brown bear on entering Sitkoh Bay at the start of the day, an elongate cut into Chichagof Island’s eastern shore. This has been home to a native Tlingit settlement, a cannery, logging operations, and sport fishing, all of which have made use of the area’s abundance of salmon and forestry.

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  • Haines

    Sitting at the head of Lynn Canal is the quintessential town of Haines, Alaska. With a year-round population of about 2,300, it has a well-earned reputation as the outdoor recreation capital of Southeast Alaska. We took full advantage of the plethora of activities available to us here today. Options included flightseeing, rafting the Chilkat River, a canoe safari on the Chilkoot River and Lake, biking, two different hikes and fly fishing. Dinner included a crab feast with all you can eat Dungeness crab, barbecued ribs, plenty of side dishes and a delicious dessert.

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  • George Island and Inian Islands

    The fog and rain broke today revealing the crystalline, dew-covered floor of the rainforest’s moss, laying out a soft carpet for hikers at George Island. Trekkers wended through Sitka spruce and western hemlock, finding mushrooms and witches’ hair enveloping tree trunks and outstretched limbs. Searchers among the intertidal pools found crabs, sea stars, and colorful sea anemones, rippling just beneath the water.

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  • Alaska’s Semidi Islands

    As almost a bonus, our Wednesday involved venturing to a group of islands which no Lindblad-National Geographic vessel has ever visited. The Semidi Islands are a few small dots on the map of the Aleutian Islands on the Pacific side of the chain. Nestled between Kodiak and the Shumagin Islands, this small archipelago is the breeding side of a vast majority of Alaska’s seabirds. Our morning was spent Zodiac cruising amongst the raucous calls of cliff dwelling birds on Aghik Island, and for the afternoon we simply about-faced and landed on the larger island of Aghiyuk for hikes and tundra siestas. The evening was topped with a delicious dinner from the galley team and a fantastic show from the ship’s crew.

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  • Unga Island

    After a nice relaxing morning at sea National Geographic Orion caught a view of one of the stratovolcanoes located near the western end of the Alaska Peninsula. Pavlof is one of the most active volcanoes in North America and has erupted 24 times in the past 100 years and the fact that we could see it was cause for celebration. On the back deck the crew set up a bloody mary bar with sausages and all the condiments to tie us over until lunch. Fin whales and brown bears disrupted our geology talk but that has been the theme this voyage across the Bering Sea and now we enter another amazingly rich body of water, the Gulf of Alaska.

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  • Petersburg, Alaska

    With the pitter-patter of a definitive rain falling in Petersburg, we set off in a number of different directions for a plethora of activities.  Some chose to investigate the embryonic peat bog, a very different ecosystem than the lush moss-covered and fern-festooned forest.  Sticky little sun dew plants captured insects and dissolved them into nutrients, while back in the forest, dwarf dogwoods acted as miniature trebuchets flinging pollen munitions at each other in a frenzy of dispersal.  The fishing village of Petersburg also had interest as we browsed the independent bookstore on Sing Lee Alley and investigated the intricacies of the hardware store and its myriad of offerings.

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  • Inian Islands, George Island

    This morning National Geographic Sea Lion was in a shroud of fog as we steamed toward the Inian Islands, the area that our early activities would take place. Luckily, as we anchored our vessel, the fog lifted, visibility increased, and we had great conditions for exploring this scenic and wildlife rich area by our inflatable boats! Even though we had some light rain, the incredible wildlife we encountered made for an exciting adventure. We had humpback whales resting on the surface close by our boats, as well as Steller sea lions busily feeding out in the very strong current that this area is noted for! Many bald eagles, sea otters, tufted puffins and a variety of other birds were also enjoyed by all! During lunch we repositioned National Geographic Sea Lion just a short way to George Island where we had a variety of different activities for the afternoon, including learning about World War II history in this area of Southeast Alaska.

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  • George Island and Inians

    Some expedition moments are etched into your memory forever.

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  • Halleck Harbor & Chatham Strait

    Finally we got our boots wet! After two days of Zodiac tours around glaciers and a lovely afternoon in Petersburg, today we got into the real wilderness of Southeast Alaska. Halleck Harbor on Kuiu Island was the destination for the morning. As we sailed Chatham Strait over the afternoon, undersea specialist Paolo Marra-Biggs taught us that every other breath we take is thanks to the ocean, and local researcher Dr. Andy Szabo told us about the amazing work the Alaska Whale Foundation is doing.

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