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  • Drake Passage

    Antarctica often throws up the unexpected. Early this morning some of us awoke to realize that the familiar thrum of the ship’s engine was missing. Later we found that there is a mechanical glitch and that we must proceed towards Ushuaia under reduced power at a modest speed. Although onward travel plans from Ushuaia will need some re-configuring due to our late arrival, we are not in any risk and have sufficient luxuries to see us through. We have time to reflect on the experiences of the last ten days as we cross the Drake at a leisurely pace. Read More

    • Dec 27, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • Drake Passage

    Calm seas again! We are headed toward Ushuaia and the seas are being good to us for a second Drake crossing. The Christmas carols have been sung, the presents have been opened, the Minora candles are being lit and the building-sized icebergs are behind us. Today has been a day of reflection. Read More

    • Dec 26, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • Hidden Bay and Paradise Bay

    Spirits were merry as we awoke on Christmas morning aboard National Geographic Orion. As it was our last day on the peninsula, we packed it full with as many activities as possible. Not wanting to waste one minute, we Zodiac cruised Hidden Bay, did a landing and kayaked in Paradise Bay, and even got our adrenaline pumping with a polar plunge! With Santa hats donned, our ears stayed toasty warm throughout our daily adventures. . Read More

    • Dec 25, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • Antarctic Circle, Vernadsky Station, Lemaire

    The day of adventure started shortly after midnight as National Geographic Orion crossed the Antarctic Circle.  The ship’s horn was sounded and champagne was poured.  A moment that would be remembered by all for a lifetime.As the ice was still too heavy to continue any further south we returned to the relativity ice-free waters further to the north. Read More

    • Dec 24, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • Port Lockroy, Going South

    After spending a beautiful evening anchored right outside Port Lockroy, National Geographic Orion came back to life the next morning in calm, but overcast, conditions. Just before breakfast the ladies who are stationed at Port Lockroy came aboard to join us for a leisurely breakfast, and give a brief introduction to Base A and its history. By the end of the briefing it was time to start the morning operations with a split landing, which sent about half the guest to Base A, and the other half to Jougla Point. Slowly the groups were switched from one site to the other so everyone would have a chance to have enough time at both landing sites! Port Lockroy, or Base A, is a historic site for the British presence in the Antarctic Peninsula region, as well as an opportunity to do a little shopping for souvenirs, or a place to mail off letters and postcards from an Antarctic station. Read More

    • Dec 23, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • Lemaire Channel & Neko Harbour Video

    “You will get a chance to sleep on the plane home!”After a massive night of wedding celebrations yesterday on the fast ice we awoke early this morning to another spectacular Antarctic day with blue skies as far as the eye could see. Read More

    • Dec 22, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • Cuverville Island and Wilhemina Bay Video

    In contrast to last night, there was not a breath of wind as we stepped ashore at Cuverville Island. The sun broke through a light cloud layer from time to time as we enjoyed the delights of the largest gentoo penguin colony on the peninsula (about 4000 pairs). Amazingly, many of the nesting penguins were placed high above our landing beach on rocky precipices, only accessible by an arduous climb up snow banks and across scree slopes.   Towards the end of lunchtime we were called away to see feeding humpback whales. Read More

    • Dec 21, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • Aitcho and Deception Islands

    Could this be? Not two days into our journey and we have already made it down to the South Shetland Island chain, just off the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula! Our expert Bridge team and a bit of luck from the “Drake Lake” accelerated us across the passage in record time for National Geographic Orion this season! Eager and up early on the Bridge, Lilah and Frazer Hillard wondered when they might start to see some icebergs looming in the distance? Not moments later, Frazer spotted the first notable berg through his binoculars at 7:35 AM this morning. We all let out a “woo-hoo!” as our excitement grew with the anticipation of more icy indications of our nearing arrival.  Low lying clouds and some large snowflakes welcomed us to our first landings at Cecilia and Barientos Islands. The gentoo and chinstrap penguins seemed to jump for joy at the sight of us, perhaps they were as exhilarated as we are… or it could just be that their neighbor was getting a little too nosy? Regardless, it was a fabulous introduction to the natural beauty and wildlife of the Antarctic with penguins abound, noisy elephant seals molting on the beach, and a rare, white morph southern giant petrel to bestow between the two islands. The dive team took a plunge into the biting waters that are teeming with productivity after our landings. Read More

    • Dec 20, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • At Sea

    As National Geographic Orion sailed south out of Ushuaia through the night, our woes about the Drake Passage disappeared; we were greeted with fabulous weather and very little swell. As today was a travel day, we enjoyed daily life aboard National Geographic Orion including: reading, playing board games, bird watching, listening to lectures, and getting to know our new shipmates. And, of course, we can’t forget all the time we spent being wined and dined with delectable cuisine. Excitement has been building throughout the day in anticipation for our first landing tomorrow; we cannot wait!. Read More

    • Dec 19, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
  • The Beagle Channel, Argentina

    “There’s something about three weeks…”Was it only 21 days ago that we sailed west in this same body of water, almost trembling with anticipation of what was to come? Have we really come this far in so short a time? Perhaps each wave we passed was a mark of time, as if the ocean had replaced clocks as our timekeeping piece. Read More

    • Dec 17, 2016
    • National Geographic Orion in Antarctica
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