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  • Magdelena Bay

    Under clear skies and calm seas, we made our way northwest along the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula. A feeding frenzy of gulls, boobies, frigate birds, shearwaters, pelicans and others, quickly got our attention. In the mix were hundreds of dolphins. First to join us were the bottlenose variety, and then soon followed by common dolphins. Bow-riding and porpoising ensued!

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  • San Jose Del Cabo

    National Geographic Venture spent the morning communing with lively humpback whales off the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. With breaches and blows these charismatic megafauna dazzled those who looked on proving just how rich with wildlife the underwater ecosystem is where the desert meets the sea. The afternoon took us ashore in the famous San Jose del Cabo for some bird watching where osprey and others were seen, while leaving plenty of time to tour the town, shop the unique artisan stores and enjoy as many local ice cream treats as the belly could hold.

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  • Los Títeres & Hull Canal

    Today, weather conditions seemed not to help us much for our early round of whale watching at Los Títeres. Heavy fog covered the lagoon south from the town of Puerto Adolfo López Mateos off the Magdalena Bay Complex, permitting only a few yards of visibility.

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  • Boca La Soledad

    According to the navigation chart, we leisurely cruised through the Hull Canal, officially designated unnavigable. No, we were not trying to escape from a squadron of thieving frigate birds… We were able to sail the canal since National Geographic Sea Lion holds a transiting permit specific to this region, but also due to the ship’s small size, shallow draft, and presence of a local pilot on board for guidance. The pilot is third generation (all of whom have piloted company vessels through the canal), so we were in good hands as we navigated the complex and changing shoals. To date, no other cruise ship has been granted this privilege of passage through the canal.

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  • Isla San Francisco

    Today we awoke with some reprieve against the winds battering this side Baja California, near the idyllic and beautiful Isla San Francisco. The water was calm and clear, and we spent the morning hiking at dawn to watch the sunrise. Then in the afternoon we hopped into the water to snorkel surrounded by an abundance of fish who were also perhaps seeking shelter in the reefs of our little bay. Finally, we sailed off watching an epic sunset waiting for the adventures that tomorrow will bring.

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  • Bahia Almejas, Baja California Sur

    As our expedition leader echoed in a new day with morning announcements, the skies above Baja California erupted into a glorious sea of red and orange. We had an action-packed day awaiting us intrepid travelers beginning with our second opportunity for whale watching. Our pangueros from Puerto Chale met us aboard National Geographic Sea Lion and brought us deeper in Bahia Almejas to see the gray whales in these protected breeding grounds.

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  • San Jose Island

    Our first full day together exploring the waters around the peninsula of Baja California in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez started in a spectacular way; shortly after having enjoyed watching a glorious sunrise at sea, we spotted a tall blow. I mean a very tall blow! The very first mammal of the trip was none other than the largest animal that have ever lived on earth, the blue whale! The holy grail of whale watching presented itself off National Geographic Venture’s bow and for a long time we were able to marvel at the sheer size of the huge creature. We took many photos every time that the whale made its 30-foot-tall blow and even when a pinkish-brown stain behind it indicated when it had finished digestion. Several blue whales enter the Sea of Cortez every year and there are records of them from every month, although they are typically seen during February and March.

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  • Las Lenguas and Bahia Almejas

    We awoke at anchor at Las Lenguas to a beautiful sunrise today. After a very full stretch class led by our wellness specialist Allison, we went ashore for a morning of beach walks, kayaking and paddleboarding. The afternoon was spent in pangas, driven by pangueros from nearby Puerto Chale, with the gray whales in Clam Bay, the southernmost part of the Bahia Magdalena complex.

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  • Puerto los Gatos

    The day began with an exciting start in the Sea of Cortez – the distinctive diagonal blow of sperm whales was seen! As the vessel cruised closer, we were able to get an excellent view of these magnificent creatures. After the exciting morning of wildlife viewing, we cruised to Puerto los Gatos. While loading the Zodiacs, a group of dolphins swam past the stern of National Geographic Venture. The dolphins escorted the first few Zodiacs to the beach, bow riding with some Zodiacs and jumping out of the water next to the boats. We approached the sandy shore beneath the red sandstone rocks with our snorkel gear, ready to discover what lives beneath the surface. We spent out morning snorkeling from the beach, during which time we found sea stars, urchins, and colorful reef fish. Excitement grew on the return to shore, when an octopus was seen moving slowly along the sandy bottom.

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  • Los Islotes and Isla San Francisco

    The morning began with a fiery sunrise followed by a roll into the water to encounter the myriad of California sea lions waiting to play with our guests. With loud brays and quick movements in the water, these marine mammals had us experiencing a roll of emotions as they swirled around. The afternoon brought us to Isla San Francisco where we snorkeled, beach-combed, searched the intertidal landscape and climbed high upon the hill. Finishing our explorations with a sunset barbeque for all to enjoy.

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