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  • Fords Terror and Dawes Glacier, Endicott Arm

    Waking up this morning in Holkham Bay, National Geographic Sea Lion was surrounded by the epic beauty of Southeast Alaska as we entered one of the most beautiful fjord systems in the world.. Read More

    • May 22, 2017
    • National Geographic Sea Lion in Alaska
  • Petersburg, Alaska

    The day began with rain and mist, not surprising given that Southeast Alaskan weather is described as having “liquid sunshine.” It continued as we ported in the Norwegian-influenced town of Petersburg, Alaska. Hikes at the muskeg and around the dock and town allowed opportunities to appreciate the unique fishing culture and charm of this Alaskan gem. Some of us decided to take a self-guided stroll, visiting local shops and fixtures. The evening recap and dinner focused on the theme of harvesting the bounty of the sea, complete with a crab feast. Another day full of wonder. . Read More

    • May 22, 2017
    • National Geographic Sea Bird in Alaska
  • Española Island

    This is just our first full day in Galapagos, our first adventure, our first exploration of this enchanted archipelago. We had fun from sunrise to sunset, visiting Gardner Bay in the morning and Punta Suarez in the afternoon, both places full of animals and surprises. Different adventurous activities were offered to our avid explorers, such as deep water snorkelling and hiking.About 5 million years old, Española is the oldest island in the Galapagos. Read More

    • May 22, 2017
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
  • Tysfjorden

    For the last few mornings we have woken up within the walls of some of the most beautiful fjords that Norway has to offer and this morning was no different. All around us, granite rose from the water and created the long pathway into one of the fjords of the Tysfjorden, one of the largest fjord systems in Norway.Ahead of us was a small Sami village. Read More

    • May 22, 2017
    • National Geographic Explorer in Arctic
  • Navigating the Ionian Sea

    Today we woke to a calm breeze off the eastern Ionian Sea. The sails were up and running and the morning was perfect for sailing. We had to fix our watches an hour ahead as we had entered into a new time zone. After breakfast we went to the bow of the ship for a photography workshop with our photography expert. Read More

  • At Sea

    After a busy week sailing around the Mediterranean’s largest island of Sicily and an active night in the old town of Ortigia in Syracuse, we began a welcome two-day crossing of the Ionian Sea eastward to Greece. The gentle rocking motion overnight let us know that the forecasted northwesterly winds had begun, and at 8 a.m. the sailors went aloft to set the sails for the day.What a wind! Thus far the winds had been very light throughout this voyage, but Sea Cloud was a different animal with a moderate northwesterly breeze filling her sails. Read More

  • Misty Fjords Monument

    This morning we woke to rain, an amazing view of Eddystone Rock and some playful Dall’s porpoises. We soon reached Misty Fjords and all our guests came up on deck to see the view for themselves. Read More

    • May 21, 2017
    • National Geographic Sea Bird in Alaska
  • Træna & Nordfjord, Crossing the Arctic Circle

    As we awoke this morning, another anomalously sunny, blue sky day welcomed us into Træna bright and early this morning. Thankful for another day of unexpected sunshine along the generally foggy Norwegian coast, we celebrated crossing the Arctic Circle! Venturing ever further north took us to a tiny community, about 420 people, where we shared breakfast in a tent reminiscent of a teepee that represented a traditional cod drying hut, and was decorated with pictures of hundreds of fillets. After breakfast, we strolled around the small island, taking in all that we could, including a museum, a chapel with quite a vista, the Arctic Circle monument, an art studio, and even a hill with a memorial and a surprisingly spectacular view to boot! Next on the agenda was undersea specialist Paul North’s time to shine, as he presented the fascinating world of plankton and its global impacts in a lecture that was informative and entertaining- a hallmark of Mr. Read More

    • May 21, 2017
    • National Geographic Orion in Arctic
  • Svartisen National Park, Nordfjord and Sørfjord

    The Explorer glided through the millpond waters of the Nordfjord of Svaristen National Park to the sound mewing Common Gulls and the splash of Harbour Seals pondering what was entering their tranquil domain. Our guests spent a few glorious hours admiring the reflections from the sides of the fjord in the cold waters, the hanging glaciers that adorned the tops of those steep sides, the birds that were singing and flying back and forth, and walking along the water’s edge and through the birch forest. The day was completed with a visit to the southern fjord and a beautiful waterfall.. Read More

    • May 21, 2017
    • National Geographic Explorer in Arctic
  • Lomsdal-Visten National Park, Storbørja, Norway

    Today began with a visit to the Lomsdal-Visten National Park at the end of a long fjord in Storbørja, Norway. We anchored at the head of the fjord and enjoyed hikes of several distances into the mountains behind the fjord. On the longer walk, several guests saw a moose crossing the river. We also were able to take Zodiac cruises along the steep walls of the fjord. The rocks of the fjord walls are carved by the glaciers and show the glacial striations cut into the very hard gneiss which makes up most of Norway. The rocks also exhibit magnificent examples of folding created 410 million years ago when the precursor of the Atlantic Ocean, the Iapetus Ocean, closed as Greenland and North America collided with Europe and formed the Caledonian Mountains typical of Scotland, Ireland and Norway. On the cruises we also observed several of the majestic white-tailed eagles which were soaring overhead.In the afternoon we re-positioned National Geographic Explorer to Vega Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Norwegian coast. Read More

    • May 20, 2017
    • National Geographic Explorer in Arctic
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