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  • The Dalles, Oregon

    We spent our day exploring both the Columbia River Discovery Center and the Maryhill Museum. Both of these excellent facilities boasted a wealth of historical artifacts and eclectic finds. The afternoon presented a chance to visit a local winery and sample the bounty of the region. Our evening concluded with an engrossing presentation and the traverse of two locks on the beautiful Columbia River.

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  • Fernandina & Isabela Island

    We woke up early in the morning to search for cetaceans along the waters of western Isabela Island. As we explored, we spotted a couple of Minke whales in the far distance. We encountered the whales a bit closer eventually, and were able to confirm the species of marine mammal we were looking at.

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  • Seno Montanas, Chile

    Early this morning the National Geographic Explorer navigated its way through the narrow channels and between the many picturesque islands toward the spectacular fjord known as Seno Montanas – the fjord of mountains.

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  • At sea Mid-Atlantic, 5 degrees North

    As National Geographic Orion continued to ply her way south, flying fish strafed the white-capped sea and the sun baked hot over-head. 

  • Hood River, Oregon

    Waking up on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon was a surprise. We were supposed to be gazing at snow-capped Mt. Hood and the town of Hood River. A troublesome railroad bridge had prevented the National Geographic Sea Bird from cruising directly upriver. Motor coaches quickly arrived like the fabled cavalry, in bright fall sunshine. Driving east on the Oregon side of the Columbia River revealed more surprises.

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  • The Dalles, Oregon

    In the early morning the National Geographic Sea Lion was sailing upstream on the Columbia River toward The Dalles. Just before dawn a waning crescent moon stood above bright Venus in a clear sky. The moon was in the fourth quarter but the whole moon was visible as the sun lighted only a slim crescent and earthshine gave a pale and ghostly light to the rest of moon. In the growing light Orion was just visible above our starboard side. Buff-colored grasses of autumn that trim the dark basalt rocks forming the cliffs of basalt on either side of the river glowed in the early light. A line of Canada geese flew over, only silhouettes above the moon.

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  • North Seymour & Rabida Islands

    This day started with a matted grey overcast at North Seymour Island. As the sun started to illuminate our path, we noticed that this island was very different from the previous. Frigatebirds tended to their nesting areas and soared high above us. Lava lizards flitted about, and large land iguanas became active as they started to warm themselves in the equatorial sun. The sun was high in the sky when we returned to the ship to begin our navigation to our next destination for the day.

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  • English Narrows & Estero Eyre

    We awoke to beauty. The National Geographic Explorer floated calmly in front of a glacier chosen specially by our Chilean navigation pilots on board, a holding area to await the daylight needed for us to safely traverse the English Narrows. All hands were on deck for the weaving passageways of the narrows, a spot that must have been quite a nervous endeavour when the likes of Magellan were first passing through. The afternoon was full of ice once again, this time in front of the longest glacier in the whole of South America: Pio XI – named after none other than the Pope himself. 

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  • Fort Clatsop, Astoria, and Cape Disappointment

    Blue sky and great weather grace our first day of the expedition. Ocean in view! Oh the joy!

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