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  • Anacapa Island & Santa Cruz Island

    The first morning on board National Geographic Venture greeted us with overcast skies that gave way to bright sunshine and calm seas. Cruising the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California is a special treat, and today was no disappointment. We began with Zodiac tours of Anacapa in the morning and finished the afternoon with hiking in historic Santa Cruz Island.

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  • Playa Zapotal

    This beautiful morning National Geographic Sea Lion anchored in front of Playa Zapotal, a first time ever for our motor vessel in this remote location in the Costa Rican northern Pacific coast.

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  • Granito de Oro, Coiba Island National Park

    After visiting Granito de Oro, it would lead one to think that if you look at the word “paradise” in the dictionary, you will find the name of this gorgeous little space. Coiba Island National Park it’s one of the most pristine and well protected parks in Panama, and the little islet of Granito de Oro offers some of the best snorkeling in this region, a rocky reef with hard coral and many, many fish.

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  • Point Wild, Elephant Island

    We woke to snowflakes cascading down from the skies; outside was a magical snowy wonderland, which was, in appearances, a world away from the godforsaken place that 22 voyagers once called home longer than four months in duration. We had arrived at Point Wild, Elephant Island. As we began our Zodiac cruise operations, in amazingly calm conditions, the clouds opened up with patches of blue skies. The calm conditions belied the harsh reality of this place.

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  • Ciera Cove

    This morning National Geographic Explorer awoke along the Danco Coast on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula. After breakfast, we donned all our layers and explored this glacially carved landscape by Zodiac. Cierva Cove and this stretch of coast are arguably the most beautiful on the continent. The fjord, full of ice, posed some obstacles, but that became part of the experience as we explored among the brash, the growlers, bergy bits, and icebergs. A few gentoo penguins entertained us both on ice and in the water as we carved a path through the icy medium that defines Antarctica. With 98 percent of the continent covered in ice up to 2.5 miles thick, we were truly beginning to appreciate the enormity and power of frozen water.  

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  • Wildlife Refuge Iguana Island

    Today on longest cruise, we had a chance to do a morning stop and explored the Wildlife Refuge of Iguana Island. This gave us an excellent opportunity to take a short hike to the nesting site of magnificent frigatebirds, look for black iguanas, and do some swimming and even a little snorkeling.

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  • Across the Scotia Sea

    Our second day transiting the Scotia Sea drove home the absolute wilderness here in the Southern Ocean. For the last 48 hours we have seen no artificial light other than of our own making, nor evidence of other human activity upon the waves. We have driven through slightly lumpy seas this morning, which calmed to a placid, almost windless gray expanse this afternoon. What looks uniformly dull and barren to us above the water is a deception, however. The Antarctic Circumpolar Current swirls into eddies and streams, driven by the weather above and the ground below, stirring up nutrients and concentrating krill and plankton. Fish, seabirds, whales, and seals all are hunting the wild ocean for these swarms of abundant food.

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  • Floreana Island

    Today National Geographic Islander visited three different sites in Floreana Island, each offering a completely different experience. We began with a pre breakfast activity along Punta Cormorant, where flamingos were seen flying all over the lagoon! We also observed many blue-footed boobies. After our visit, we jumped into the water to explore and play with the baby sea lions. Later, we visited Post Office Bay and then we went kayaking or Zodiac riding along the coast. We’ve had a fun-filled day that will stay with us for years to come.

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  • Paulet Island & Brown Bluff

    We awoke this morning to lightly falling snow. National Geographic Explorer had sailed from an ice pack through the night to Paulet Island, a land of jutting volcanic mountains sprinkled with new snow. One hundred thousand pairs of black and white Adélie penguins populate the island, running and sliding throughout. At the end of a long hike, Weddell seals could be seen laying on beach rock as growler bergs, white and blue, floated by. Among the thousands of Adélie penguins, some Antarctic shags, also black and white, made us believe for a moment that penguins could fly.

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  • Santa Cruz Island

    Our destination today was the Charles Darwin Research Station at Santa Cruz Island, the second largest island in the archipelago. On our way to the rearing center for giant tortoises, we walked through a very green area full of local vegetation, like the gigantic prickly pear cactus with a trunk-like a tree.

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