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Our team is the key to your incredible adventure

Explore the islands and undersea in the company of top experts on a Galápagos expedition adventure. Benefit from their knowledge—team specialties include marine and terrestrial biology, botany, geology, and more—and passion for the Galápagos to observe and understand more of all you’ll see.  And enjoy their company; you’ll find them highly engaging and fun to share a drink or dinner with, as well as a trail hike.

Meet the expedition team for this departure

  • Greg Stone

    National Geographic Staff
    National Geographic grantee, writer, and marine biologist Greg Stone is a leading expert on ocean science and conservation. He has logged more than 8,000 scuba dives throughout the world, lived underwater for 30 days, and explored the ocean in submersibles to a depth of 18,000 feet. Greg’s articles for National Geographic magazine include the September 2012 story on seamounts. He has also written three award-winning books. 

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