We started our day in beautiful Baja with a morning stretch led by our wellness specialist, Allison. We enjoyed the pink and orange sunrise while we took deep breaths and stretched our muscles.

After a delicious breakfast, our panga drivers arrived. We gathered our windbreakers, rain pants and dry bags before heading out for our first whale-watching experience in the mouth of Almejas Bay.

On the way, our panga drivers took us to a spot were cormorants gather in great numbers. It was nice to see the yellowish heads of male brown pelicans in between the hundreds of cormorants.

“Whale spout! Spy hop! Breach! Another spy hop! ANOTHER!” These are the phrases we kept repeating during our whale adventure. The wind picked up, but that did not stop us from enjoying the gray whales.

After lunch, we headed to Scorpion Beach for a desert walk. On shore, we observed different species of clams, scallops and snails. We also saw the carcasses of fish, birds and turtles. Our naturalist, photo instructor and plant expert, Linda, shared her knowledge about the great adaptations of desert plants while we hiked on Santa Margarita Island.

We enjoyed some margaritas while our crew set up a great dinner on the beach. Guests enjoyed time relaxing on the beach, walking a bit or gathering around the fire. For a special treat, we had s’mores! When night hit, it was time to go back to National Geographic Sea Lion to recharge our batteries. Another adventure awaits…