After sailing on National Geographic Quest during the night, a new day dawned. It was full of adventure. We were seduced by the precious jungle and excited by the expectation of a new journey filled with animals. What an exceptional opportunity to learn about what our land offers: tons of different creatures, all with unique histories. Our team of naturalists was eager to show us everything and talk about what we learned.

For our first adventure, we boarded Zodiacs to begin the exploration. Guests were full of emotions. Upon landing on Caletas, we prepared for the expedition. Once groups were organized, we started our walk. We discovered amazing army ants, bananaquit birds and scarlet macaws, which all elicited different reactions from our guests. Some were surprised, some loved it and some were a little nervous. Everyone was interested and amazed.

On the walk, we saw lots of plants and different types of inflorescences. The most fascinating moment was probably when we became aware of the monkeys. We spotted trees, lianas and mammals. Our naturalists explained the history of the area. After learning more, you could see amazement on the guests’ faces.

After picking up snorkeling gear on the ship, we jumped into Zodiacs in small groups. We traveled to Agujitas, a body of water that is more than a creek but less than a river. We spotted boat-billed herons and yellow-crowned night herons. Resting atop a riverside rock, a solitary striped basilisk impressed us with his marvelous body crest, which gave him style and an attractive shape. The Zodiacs were full of amazed guests.

Once we were back aboard the ship, we took time to share about our day. The sun and the breeze felt amazing as we navigated near the impressive Caño Island. The island hosts a huge amount of marine wildlife, which enhanced our sailing experience.

What a day! We contemplated the ocean while the sunset gave us the most glorious show. We held onto moments that will become unforgettable memories for all of us. Let us see what tomorrow brings when Mother Nature surprises us with a shining new day.