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Caletas Bay & Corcovado National Park

José Calvo, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 07 Dec 2019

Caletas Bay & Corcovado National Park, 12/7/2019, National Geographic Quest

  • Aboard the National Geographic Quest
  • Costa Rica, Panama & Colombia

The last day of the trip found us anchored in front of the outer side of the Osa Peninsula. First thing in the morning, we were summoned early to disembark onto the privately owned Playa Caleta’s Wildlife Refuge. We had many plans, five to be exact, and we could choose from anyone of them. Horseback riding, power or long forest hikes, the premises walk and finally the traditional “stationary hike” at the landing spot. We knew it was going to rain, but many were not prepared for the hard pouring rain under which we walked; and walk we did. Mud, sand, sweat, and pouring rain did not deter us from our outing; in fact, this morning’s hike is probably going to be the most memorable one of all. It is not a rainforest experience if there is not at least some rain.

Back on board to warm up and have lunch; and two hours later, we were ready to start again, this time exploring the trails in the San Pedrillo Park Ranger’s station, one of the five within the Corcovado National Park. Anybody that was not lucky in the morning changed their luck this afternoon with great sightings of at least one species of monkey, great curassows, black cheeked ant tanagers, and many more. Whether we chose to walk the Pargo Trail parallel to the beach or the San Pedrillo Trail to the waterfall this afternoon was the perfect way to end our trip. The best kept piece of tropical rainforest in the country bid us farewell while we reclined in the clear, cool swimming hole and Central American spider monkeys bounded over our heads in the limbs above.

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