We heard the anchor being dropped as the sun began to show up in the sky. We had arrived to our morning destination, Sapzurro Village. This is one of the westernmost villages on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. A lush tropical forest could be seen behind the village.

Several activities were offered to our guests. Some left early in the morning on their quest to search for the different species of birds the area offers. Another group geared up for a good exercise hike, while the rest decided to enjoy a short walk around the premises of the village.

Each group returned delighted by the different highlights that Mother Nature allowed them to see. The diversity of Sapzurro was stunning. Some of the sightings were howler monkeys, red napped monkeys, coati mondi, and a massive list of birds.

Mid-morning, some decided to explore the crystal water of Capurgana. We all geared up for snorkeling. The diversity under the water was enjoyed by all.

After lunch, we explored the small village of Capurgana. Our local guides shared the history of Capurgana and Sapzurro. Our cultural interaction was amazing and will remain in mind. The foundation began with enslaved people who had escaped, and nowadays tourism is one of the principal sources of income.

Back on board, we weighed anchor and began our navigation towards Panama!