Coiba National Park & Coco Island

Carlos Calvo Obando, Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 26 Dec 2019

Coiba National Park & Coco Island, 12/26/2019, National Geographic Quest

  • Aboard the National Geographic Quest
  • Costa Rica, Panama & Colombia

Today we visited the exuberant coast of Coco Island and Coiba National Park Main Station, where we happily explored the secluded shoreline of white sand and clear blue water by kayak and stand-up paddle board. Some of us also took guided hikes with our naturalists, who pointed out lance-tail manakins, common black hawks, scarlet macaws and more.

Coiba is an important biological corridor, and our guests learned about the ongoing conservation efforts in this protected area. Others took advantage of the opportunity to snorkel off Coco Island, where they spotted tropical fish species of the Eastern Pacific, such as the bicolored parrotfish, Panamanian sergeant fish, barber fish, butterfly fish, Damselfish and many others.

Back aboard National Geographic Quest, we enjoyed more wildlife sightings including sea turtles and, of course, the amazing dolphins. A truly memorable day.

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