Today we visited the private reserve of Dolphin Quest. Located in the heart of Golfo Dulce by the slopes of Piedras Blancas National Park, these 700 acres are managed by a family.

We arrived at a coastal beach full of pebbles that led us into the family’s organic gardens. We found several crops growing along the edge of the forests. These crops allow the family to fulfill their own needs with a minimum amount of land. The rest of the land has been set aside to preserve its ancient beauty. Our guests had the opportunity to join various walks through the preserve. Some guests went for a long walk to the heart of the property, where the park and the buffer zone meet. Other guests opted for a medium walk. Everyone enjoyed connecting with the wildlife offered here. We enjoyed observing the lush vegetation while listening to the sounds of the jungle.

Dolphin Quest is an extraordinary example of a sustainable project. The area serves as a buffer from the wildlife and human activities of Piedras Blancas, and it acts as a boundary between the forest and the coast. Liberated scarlet macaws are protected by the project, as are many other birds that fly over this beautiful and intense place.

At the end of our visit, we were surprised with cold drinks prepared by the galley. It was a rewarding treat. Once everyone returned to National Geographic Quest, the vessel sailed to Golfito. Right after lunch, we were ready for activities in the former banana harbor. Golfito is a cute little town in the foothills of Golfito National Wildlife Refuge. The town is managed by the University of Costa Rica. Two different activities were offered, including Zodiac cruises and kayaking. Both activities were fantastic.

As we ended our day of activities, National Geographic Quest was ready to sail towards Panama, where we will continue our adventures. What a great day!