We arrived in Foch-Gilttoyees Provincial Park early in the morning, slowly entering the final stretch of the park as the sun rose over the surrounding peaks. The passengers and naturalists amassed on the bow to watch for megafauna and chat while the day warmed up. After breakfast, the Zodiacs hit the water for a tour of the aquatic sections of the park with a brief excursion up the river mouth. Guests were delighted to see eagles, waterfowl, and harbor seals exploring the intertidal inlets and pools. After a return to the ship, guests ate lunch and departed a second time for land excursions and water activities (kayaking and paddleboarding). After exploring the old growth forests and intertidal regions, the hikers returned to the ship as the sun passed behind the surrounding peaks. As the ship set sail for our next destination, guests discussed the day’s experiences and enjoyed supper. Overall, the location and weather provided an amazing experience that guests and staff will not soon forget.