After exploring Coiba, Panama’s most important national park, we continued to Costa Rica. We had the opportunity to explore some of the mangrove channels in front of the town of Golfito.

We did two rounds of Zodiac cruises looking for some more wildlife. In the first round we had the opportunity to see squirrel monkeys, white ibis, willets, wimbrels, and other species of birds.

In the second round, most of our travelers saw howler monkeys and capuchin monkeys. At the same time, we offered kayaking for those who wanted even more adventure and exercise.

In the afternoon we left Golfito, and National Geographic Quest made her way to our new destination, Rio Seco. We had a surprise when a whale shark showed up, and guests enjoyed seeing this giant swim around the Zodiac.  

Later, we split into groups and offered different walks through the tropical rainforest.