Today we woke up to a breezy Baja California sunrise as we began sailing past Cabo Pulmo and into the Gorda Banks area. As soon as breakfast ended, we were brought out to the bow as the natural history staff had spotted a number of humpback whales on the horizon. We watched as a group of five or six males competed for the attention of a female.

We sailed slightly closer to the Land’s End area while Nathan Kelly, certified photo instructor, gave a presentation on smartphone photography. We took what we learned out to the bow to photograph whales. The charismatic megafauna breached in the distance. Sailing past Cabo San Lucas, we got a beautiful view of Friar’s Rock before coming inside for a presentation on “Kleptoparasitism and Frigatebirds” by naturalist Adrian Cerada. We then sailed into the Pacific Ocean as we made our way north towards Magdalena Bay. We learned about humpback whales from naturalist and expedition diver Jill Niederberger.

It was an amazing day sailing through our last portion of the Gulf of California, and we look forward to what is to come.