Kampong Tralach and Koh Oaknhatey
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  • 16 Jan 2020

Kampong Tralach and Koh Oaknhatey, 1/16/2020, The Jahan

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There’s nothing like an early start to catch the best part of the day, in this case quite literally one of the highlights of the trip. We started with a trip back in time, traveling by oxcart from the banks of the Tonle Sap through rice and lotus fields towards the small village of Kampong Tralach. It’s a brief glimpse into a simpler life, each guest getting to know the oxen directly behind their cart!

After testing some fresh lotus seeds, we trundled into the village to visit a school that’s been supported by partner donations from Lindblad and National Geographic, expanding their library and contributing to their education. The children were immensely pleased to see us, singing songs and practicing their English.

Several prolonged goodbyes and hugs later, we ended up back on Jahan for breakfast, Tai Chi and a fashion show! None of us had any idea just how many practical uses there were for krama, sarong and sampots.

In the afternoon we headed to Koh Oaknhatey by the relatively luxury of motorised tuk tuk, visiting a small community who are reviving traditional methods for silk production. From silk cocoon to finished product, the amount of skill and effort required to produce the silk wasn’t lost on us, and local products were certainly purchased!

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