We have started our unique Costa Rica and Panama expeditions by visiting Osa Peninsula and the world-famous Corcovado National Park. This morning after a delicious breakfast onboard National Geographic Quest we embarked our Zodiacs and headed to our morning destination of Punta Caletas. In this location, we hiked trails filled with lush rainforest vegetation and saw several bird species, heard howler monkeys in the distance with their loud vocalizations. Also enjoyed the endless work of leaf-cutter ants carrying pieces of leaves into their colonies.

Later this afternoon some of us took local boats to the ranger station of this famous national park, and enjoyed a couple of hikes in the exuberant forest where several yellow-throated toucans were spotted by our fortunate guests as well as some Central American spider monkeys, we also saw humpback whales and pantropical spotted dolphins. We also took zodiacs cruises to a local river with some of our guests; there the avian diversity of this peninsula came to life. Toucans, tanagers, sandpipers, hummingbirds and several heron species were spotted.