We made it! South Georgia greeted us today with all her usual beauty, wildlife, and drama. Peggotty Bluff was the first place we stepped foot on this fabled island, a location that holds the legacy of Sir Earnest Shackleton and his crew. This is where Shackleton, Crean, and Worsley began their 32-hour trek across the spine of South Georgia with nothing but a crude map in search of Stromness whaling station and help for them and their 22 companions left behind at Elephant Island.

Hikes of various sorts and lots of penguin photos occupied our time ashore before repositioning to the leeward side of the island in the afternoon. En route, we passed the Willis Islands and a sea of icebergs being battered by the winds and stormy seas of South Georgia. The sight was remarkable as all manner of seabirds came out to enjoy the ride, and spray and spume filled the air.

What an equally historic and adventurous way to start our time here on South Georgia Island.