Warderick Wells is the headquarters for the Exuma Land and Sea Park, managed by the Bahamian National Trust (BNT). This incredible reserve serves countless locals and visitors alike with its fantastic beaches, calm waters, and endless sunshine. Our morning operation brought us to a protected beach with perfect shallows for swimming, kayaking, and standup paddle boarding. For those who wished to stretch our legs, our naturalists provided a natural history hike to Booboo Hill; a wonderful trail that crossed over ancient limestone and even a creak full of refreshing water. Booboo Hill itself allowed our guests to obtain a vantage point on this stunning island.

The afternoon proved to be a successful snorkel operation. The tide and winds were on our side for an adventurous drift snorkel; even still, the current gently pushed those of us in the water, so we decided to tie a line between the In Boat and the Out Boat. This allowed our guests to hold onto the line and use it as support for a breathtaking snorkel back and forth between the two Zodiacs. Shouts of “Eagle rays at 2 o’clock!” and “There’s a tiny turtle underneath the boat!” filled the air and made all of our hearts happy. What a truly special way to end our time together in the Bahamas. So long everyone and safe travels on your next adventure.