Eva Saragosa

Hotel Manager, Lindblad Expeditions, Diver


“It all started when I was 6, and my family immigrated to the US. No matter how uncomfortable and awkward it was for the next couple of years while we adapted to an entire new culture and language, it was still so exciting and fun.”




Don’t let the crisp white shirt, insignia and radiant competence fool you: Eva is no desk jockey. She is as intrepid and adventurous as any Expedition leader or field-seasoned naturalist on our team.


Eva is a remarkable diver, passionate about the ocean and knowledgeable about issues confronting ocean health. She is, according to Ana Esteves, Lindblad’s Director of Hotel Operations, a “huge ambassador of our sustainable seafood program.” The entire hotel team, and especially the chefs and galley staff, feel lucky to have Eva onboard—in every sense.


The daughter of a Polish mom and a French dad, and raised in the United States, Eva has a unique combination of gracious, nearly European manners and American professionalism—and a magic touch with people, from company management to guests. Her demeanor and well-rounded skills, make Eva one of the most nurturing, and professional Hotel Managers, aboard our US ships.


She began her career as a steward, and progressed steadily through the ranks—from Sr. Steward, to Hotel Manager on the twin ships National Geographic Sea Lion and Sea Bird, and subsequently, to Hotel Manager on the National Geographic Quest. Her experience, and service excellence earned her a place on the startup team aboard the National Geographic Venture, our newest ship, which launched in the fall of 2018.


Eva is a true leader, whether she’s setting standards and guiding performance aboard our expeditions, wearing a Viking helmet and delivering soul-warming libations in a Zodiac, or training future Lindblad Expeditions Hotel Managers.


We celebrate Eva for bringing the heart and soul of an explorer to the practice of hospitality. For not only meeting guests needs, administering to their comfort, and exceeding their expectations, but for also fostering—for and with them—the spirit of adventure and exhilaration that lies at the heart of every expedition.

> We asked Eva Saragosa:


Why do you explore?


I love to explore because it is just plain old fun. It all started when I was 6, and my family immigrated to the US.  The feeling of the unknown and unpredictable just resonated with me. We showed up in New York, no place to stay, 2 words of English between the 5 of us, my parents made it work. No matter how uncomfortable and awkward it was for the next couple of years while we adapted to an entire new culture and language, it was still so exciting and fun. I have been placing myself in exciting new environments ever since, in fact if I get too comfortable, it is usually time for change.


What is your favorite Lindblad destination?


My favorite Lindblad destination, which I have traveled to, would have to be Alaska.  There are so many reasons I love Alaska. It feels so wild and raw. The forests are dense.  The native cultures are still ever so present.  The wildlife is spectacular: whales, wolves, bears, moose, eagles, sealions, otters. The GLACIERS.  Not to mention the wonderful friendships that have been created over the years in the towns that we visit.  I feel so fortunate to have experienced Alaska so frequently.


What is the dream exploration you have not done…yet? 


Amazon, for sure. It’s so vast, and I adore the rainforest. It has so many creatures and is so mysterious. I admire the indigenous, and that they have not conformed to modern society and live a peaceful, simple life as they know it. It would be such an honor to learn from them and be immersed in their culture.


Name a female hero(es) and why. 


My young female hero is actually our own Shaylyn Rae Potter. (Ed. Note: Lindblad Expeditions undersea specialist) I don’t think she knows that I believe she is bound for great things and is an excellent role model. She is the youngest female,  ocean activist that I know. She brings a ton of knowledge and passion to the preservation of the ocean, and how important plankton is for our ecosystem. I am always so interested to listen and follow her stories. She does it with a full heart, grace and pleasant demeanor.  You can follow her and see for yourself—@Saveourplankton, saveourplankton.com


What’s your advice for the next generation of women explorers?


Not only follow your dreams but also follow your heart and your curiosity.  There is still so much we do not know, and so much we need to fix.





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