Lindblad Expeditions is committed to buying fresh, locally-sourced food. At the heart of their culinary program is a strong sustainable seafood policy. Using a holistic approach, every species is assessed to ensure that only the most sustainable options are served, with the aim of keeping the ocean healthy and fish stocks replenished. Lindblad is also dedicated to supporting local communities in their responsible fishing efforts as well as raising awareness among staff, crew, guests, suppliers, and the travel industry at large about the importance of making informed food choices.

Local food is fresher, better: 5 delicious foods to try in Iceland

Creamy, snow-white cheese from the sweet milk of one of the rarest cow breeds on the planet. Deliciously aromatic lamb soup made with tender grass-fed meat from local farms. Fresh, juicy seafood from the Arctic Ocean served in rich lobster soups and fish stews. Warm rye bread baked in underground ovens near bubbling hot springs. These foods all have one thing in common: You can only experience them—freshly made and straight from the source—in Iceland. Even though regional food specialties from around the world are now available in just about every city, Iceland’s extraordinary culinary specialties are still mostly known only to its locals and visitors. 

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