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The Arctic is imbued with a romance—from the history of polar exploration, dauntless early Vikings, to the 18th- to 21st-century Northwest Passage and North Pole explorers. And, a reputation for extraordinary beauty and majesty, with its central symbol, the polar bear. We’ve explored it for over 30 years, which enables us to offer an Arctic expedition cruise exploring several diverse sectors of the vast Arctic geography— and assure your safety and comfort.



Join our ace spotters on deck to look for polar bears, then watch as they approach the ship for once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities.


Head off in a Zodiac to view icebergs, or land on a beach for a tundra walk through blooming wildflowers, or to visit an Inuit village to meet welcoming locals.


Kayak in the silence along the blue-veined faces of gargantuan glaciers, or in the slender fingers of deep fjords.


Every departure has a National Geographic photographer and a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor on board to help you capture the perfect shot.


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