The sun was rising this morning as National Geographic Quest docked in the Port of Golfito. The Standard Fruit Company exported its banana production through the port until the mid-1980s. After this, the company formally began operations in Costa Rica. Ship handling was the main interest of the site, so very little land was used for settlement. Much of the original forest was left in place to guarantee not only the water supply, but also for the delight of those who lived here.

After clearing Customs this morning, we went out to explore the mangroves of this beautiful place. Some guests enjoyed Zodiac tours. Other guests desired more exercise, so they observed the mangroves while kayaking.

After repositioning the boat inside Golfo Dulce in the afternoon, we explored the trails of Dolphin Quest, a private reserve connected to Piedras Blancas National Park. We observed scarlet macaws, white-faced capuchins, white-lipped peccaries, and several species of small amphibians and reptiles. We were pleased to spot a tree frog called Hyla rosembergii, a species rarely found close to the ground, especially during the day.

The day was a success, starting with a beautiful morning and ending with a fantastic sunset.