After our great passage through the Panama Canal, we entered the Pacific Ocean and headed west towards Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge. It is now one of the main attractions on the Azuero Peninsula the southern most part Panama. We went walking around the island and saw hundreds magnificent frigate birds soaring kite-like and elegant, and even some males display their apple-red gular pouches in the sky above.

After doing some swimming and snorkeling in the island, we got back to the ship and resumed our sailing toward Coiba National Park.

We enjoyed the sailing around Punta Mala, which are always supposed to be rough waters, but they were not so bad and listened on midafternoon a great lecture about the history of Panama from one of our Panamanian naturalists.

After that, we watched along the bow for wildlife, spotting pods of Pantropical-spotted dolphins that came to the bow and surf the waves that the boat made.

On the evening we had cocktail hour and a great recap session and briefings to also understand our next day adventure in Coiba National Park: a Panama world heritage site comprising the marine corridor which joins four neighboring countries.