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  • 6 Apr 2021

Vaxication Is The Newest Travel Trend: Where Will You Go On Yours?

A new word has entered the lexicon—'vaxication'—coined to capture the sense of elation and possibility being vaccinated inspires. And the action it lets you take: trading pandemic confinement for wide-open spaces and unfettered movement. An action the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently blessed. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

With millions of Americans receiving a COVID-19 vaccine every day, and the United States moving closer to herd immunity, the CDC has issued guidelines for travel, assuring the public that the approved vaccines are highly protective and that fully vaccinated people can gather safely. They have suggested keeping to small groups, avoiding crowds, and spending time outdoors in wide-open spaces—all sound recommendations for a safe vaxication.


A return to nature in the pristine wildness of parks, preserves, and forests fit these criteria. But some have travel yearnings of more epic proportions. Luckily, naturally isolated destinations, like Alaska and Galápagos, offer epic social distancing adventures. And starting in June 2021, Lindblad Expeditions’ exhilarating small ship experiences are just what the doctor ordered.

Coastal Brown Grizzly bear carrying a salmon

Instead of navigating room to room in your house—go farther. Navigate spectacular Alaskan fjords with calving glaciers on Lindblad’s 8-day Alaska’s Coastal Wilderness expedition. Explore a domestic destination unlike any other—a pristine, wild place where nature rules. With the 100-guest National Geographic Quest or her sister ship National Geographic Venture as your platform, you’ll go deep inside Alaska to observe humpback whale behavior, from jaw-dropping breaching to bubble-net feeding; kayak alongside pods of orcas; see eagles soaring overhead; and hike into the silence of old-growth forests. Since Lindblad’s ships are US-flagged, able to operate in Alaska where foreign-flagged cruise ships cannot, you’ll have highlights like Glacier Bay virtually to yourself.

Blue Footed Booby and friends.jpgPhoto: Michael S. Nolan

Have you spent some part of the pandemic watching BBC and other nature documentaries? Go farther. Head to the protected and isolated Galápagos Islands, where charismatic wildlife, unfazed by humans, create stellar opportunities for up-close encounters and incredible photos. A mobile safari base camp, National Geographic Endeavour II carries a roster of cool tools for exploring—stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, Zodiacs, and complete snorkel gear that is yours for the duration of the 10-day expedition. Swim among playful sea lions, come within feet of giant Galápagos tortoises, watch blue-footed boobies court, and spot the legendary Darwin’s finches. From lush green highlands to volcanic black lava beaches, the Galápagos offers pure, isolated wildness, and memories to last a lifetime.

With small ships, remote wild destinations, decades of experience, expert expedition leaders, and the assurance of industry-leading health and safety protocols, including a vaccination requirement, a Lindblad expedition is a natural choice for this summer’s vaxication.Ready to plan your vaxication? Explore Alaska's Coastal Wilderness or go farther to the legendary Galápagos Islands