Planning Family & Multi-Generational Travel

Our tips for planning a fun and stress-free get-together for your family


Celebration travel can be as small as 3 to 4 people or as big as 50 people. Traveling by small ship offers the perfect balance of family togetherness and space for kids and other family members to exercise their freedom and preferences. Aboard ship, kids can never wander far, but they're also able to explore their own interests. Even if you go separate ways during the day, you can count on the ship for the spontaneous fun of running into each other, and the opportunity to gravitate to each other easily and naturally over Zodiac forays, hikes, dinner, presentations, and nightly recaps. Our constant endeavor is to create memorable experiences for our guests.


When to start planning: Set a date as early as possible, preferably a year in advance. Families with school-age children generally need to plan around the school schedule.


Decide on the budget. The first and foremost thing to decide is the budget—sticking to a budget is one of the biggest hurdles for families traveling together. Lindblad Expeditions’ all-inclusive pricing makes it easier for families to plan or talk about money—all the financial awkwardness is removed, since each family member pays up front for everything and group decision making is at a minimum, so a lot of potential friction is eliminated.


Lindblad offers a 5% savings when traveling as a group of 8 or more people. And, we believe sharing an expedition with kids or grandkids is a life-enhancing experience, so take $500 off for each child under the age of 18.


How to organize it: Pick a point person so that wires don’t get crossed, and take an informal survey of what people are willing to spend and when and where they would like to go.


Booking air flights: Take advantage of Lindblad’s group flights and rates, with group transfers from the airport to the ship included.


Arranging activities: Fortunately, this is not your problem. Itinerary design has always been a Lindblad art, and all activities are planned expressly to make the most of your clients’ time, curiosity, and personal interests. From walking tours, to Zodiac and kayak forays, to exploring the undersea—we include just about everything your clients have the opportunity to do as part of the expedition aboard ship and ashore.


Organizing meals: Again, not your problem. All meals aboard a Lindblad ship are served in a single seating with unassigned tables for an informal atmosphere. To get the most out of the shipboard dining experience, recommend mixing up the nightly seating arrangements so that everyone gets to mingle.


Coordinating reservations & communicating details to travelers: Lindblad’s personalized website will allow your clients to access their expedition documents, where they’ve been collected online, ready for review at their convenience. They’ll have instant access to voyage-specific information, such as program extensions, hotels, flight guidelines, and more. Travel forms can be filled out and submitted in seconds. Access our Expedition Guide, specifically tailored to each upcoming expedition, with in-depth information about the land, culture and people of the region, a detailed itinerary, a sample day, and much more.


Staying in touch: Any friends or family members left at home? Have them sign up for Daily Expedition Reports sent direct to their email, so they can follow along virtually.


Keep all the family members happy. With a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photographer aboard to guide and instruct, your clients will take plenty of Instagram-worthy family photos to make their family reunion memorable.


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