Adam Maire


Growing up on a working cattle ranch in rural Nebraska, Adam spent most of his youth outdoors. Early on, he was inspired to explore as much of the natural world around him as possible, leading him to join the U.S. Army, and earn an associate’s degree in animal science and a B.S. in history and criminal justice from the University of Nebraska.

After leaving the military, Adam began working around the world as a naturalist guide. His passion has taken him on great adventures in remote locations, spending several years as a backcountry expedition guide in Alaska, leading multiday whitewater rafting, hiking, and kayaking adventures—even diving in glacially fed lagoons with harbor seals and sea otters! He has enjoyed a vast array of incredible experiences from leading wildlife tours through the jungles of Nicaragua on horseback while observing howler monkeys and sloths, to guiding historical walking tours through the streets of Antigua, Guatemala.  

While living in Hawaii, Adam guided scuba dives to observe resident coastal manta rays feeding on plankton at night. Being up close and personal with these winged giants led to a newfound love of marine biology and fascination with the underwater world. In 2015, Adam began to teach scuba diving in Southeast Asia and earned his U.S. Coast Guard captain’s license. Being a captain has enabled him to spend more time on the water in Alaska and Hawaii, two of his favorite spots to observe marine life and ultimately better understand humpback whales and other cetaceans. 

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