Ana Sofia Guerra

Undersea Specialist

Ana was born in Monterrey, Mexico, very far away from the ocean. Eleven years later, she was living in São Paulo, Brazil and, through a local sea turtle NGO, she discovered a passion for the marine world and got certified as a PADI Junior Open Water Diver at age 12. After completing high school in Mexico City, Ana moved to California to attend Stanford University. Ana obtained a degree in Biology through Stanford University and she actively sought out opportunities to do her work by or in the water. After graduating, Ana was selected as the North American Rolex Scholar of the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society. This unique diving scholarship allowed Ana to travel across the Americas, the South Pacific and Australia, where she immersed herself in variety of fields, from photography and dive guiding to marine science.

Ana is currently working on her PhD in marine ecology at the University of California Santa Barbara where she is studying the interactions between fisheries, fish behavior, and ecosystem health. Throughout her career as a scientist, she was worked on projects in Monterey Bay and the Channel Islands in California; various Central and South Pacific Islands; the Great Barrier Reef; and Baja California Sur, Mexico. In addition to her fascination with science, Ana loves travelling and exploration above and below the water line and is excited to share her interests as a member of the Lindblad Expeditions team. 

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