Antonio Adrian

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Antonio is Ecuadorian, although he was raised in Catalonia. He has been a naturalist in the Galápagos since 1994. He studied sciences in a boarding school in England for two years, and he spent four years in medical school in Spain. He then dropped out, to follow Darwin’s footsteps around the wide world.

He enjoys writing and he has published a book about learning astronomy without charts, Easy Stars, as well as a natural history guide for the Galápagos Islands, entitled The Galápagos Phat Guide. He has written numerous articles and essays on evolution, environmental management and nature interpretation. He has also trained over one hundred nature interpreters in the United States, in Phoenix, Arizona. He believes that humor and non-formal education are valid tools to teach about the greater world. He is a National Geographic diving specialist and has a degree in education and a master’s degree in environmental management.

In his free time he enjoys music and traveling, with his divemaster wife and his four kids. His personal assets are a bike, a hammock and a very large ocean. Following Darwin's example, his goal is to grow a long white beard and change the world (whichever comes first).

He received his photo instructor certification in a multi-day training workshop. Developed and taught by National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions photographers, the workshop helped him develop additional insight and skills necessary to help you better understand your camera and the basics of composition—to better capture the moments at the heart of your expedition.


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