Atariki Cristino

Cultural Specialist

Born in one of the most fascinating places in Polynesia, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Atariki or Ata is the son of two of the most renowned archaeologists in the world specializing in the island and Polynesia, Claudio Cristino and Patricia Vargas. Half Italian and half Chilean, Ata has lived in intercultural situations since childhood and was influenced in his upbringing by natives of the island, under constant exposure in the field. Exploration, archaeological research, stories of the ancients, and restorations were only the beginning of his instruction on the fabulous cultures of Polynesia.

He lived for several years in Tahiti and studied on mainland Chile, participating in various archaeological expeditions and field work in the Juan Fernández Islands, on Easter Island, in Tahiti, and in Peru. An experienced traveler, Ata graduated from the University of the Pacific as a publicist with a specialization in creativity and persuasive communication and has won several international publicity awards. Additionally, he has a diploma in marketing communications from the International Advertising Association.

Ata has worked for years with Lindblad Expeditions on Rapa Nui and his love for the island, as well as his passion for wildlife and nature, make him a passionate guide who is always excited to share his understanding and knowledge with travelers. Some of his other passions include photography and digital image retouching, and scuba diving (he’s an experienced certified diver) in diverse underwater settings. Today, his interests are focused on understanding the impact of modernity on local cultures and intercultural relations.

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