Beau Price


Born on the Northern Beaches, New South Wales, and raised on the coast of tropical Queensland, Australia, Beau developed his love for the ocean and all things water at an early age.  Throughout high school, he began planning his career to revolve around water, and became a Dive Master. Propelled by his passion, he quickly climbed the ranks to become a Master Instructor, teaching and supervising various specialties, both in technical and recreational diving. During this time, he also became the head service technician for a number of companies and founded NARC’D Diving Services.

To widen his experience in the industry, Beau gained his accreditation to become a ADAS Commercial Diver specializing in demolition and salvage operations. He has worked on many projects, including the flood relief operations that occurred in Brisbane in 2010. His most recent success was becoming part of the Australian Defence Force – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training team, working as a safety diver.

In addition to his strong passion for the ocean and his diving, Beau is also an avid traveler. He has now travelled to over 50 countries and has many more on his list. He has backpacked overland from Hong Kong to Berlin through China, Mongolia and Siberia. He has climbed the pyramids of Giza, hiked the Norwegian Fjords, strolled the China wall, and sailed the Nile. Although he loves discovering new places, he always finds his way back to the water. During his travels, Beau dived in the frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, explored underwater wrecks in Portugal, and various other underwater adventures. No matter where he is in the world, the ocean is always the place he calls home.

Upcoming Expeditions

  • Feb 17, 2020
  • Mar 08, 2020
  • Nov 27, 2019
  • Dec 07, 2019
  • Dec 17, 2019
  • Feb 07, 2020
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