Beau Sylte

Video Chronicler

Beau has been producing professional videos and films since 2007 and has been to 29 countries with Lindblad Expeditions. Originally from Seattle, Beau now lives in Southeast Alaska after falling in love with the place while working in the Inside Passage as a video chronicler with Lindblad between 2008 and 2012. Recently Beau has done full-time video marketing work for companies like REI and has started a video production and advertising company in Juneau called Alaska in Motion. When not working on video and marketing consultation, Beau is training to be a volunteer firefighter with Capital City Fire and Rescue in Juneau.

With some extra time to travel and a love for wildlife and nature, Beau has returned to document the adventures that only Lindblad can provide. According to Beau, being a video chronicler means always being ready to document the best moments of a voyage and turn those moments into a compelling video to share at the end of the expedition. It means knowing how to tell a story, knowing the highly technical aspects of videography, and editing video at an exceptionally fast rate.

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