Bradford McArthur

Video Chronicler

Committed to filming isolated regions and untold stories through a message of conservation, Bradford McArthur founded Forever Exploring Productions in 2009 to help bring these stories to life.  With the vision and ability to see past surface distractions and take the story straight to the most meaningful questions, his films not only deliver beautiful imagery, but often ask the most honest question.  Why?

McArthur holds a BA in Tourism Business Management with a focus on New Business and Product Development from Thompson River's University in Kamloops, British Columbia.  Due to this academic background, together with years of experience doing business, filming and instructing in China, McArthur is regularly invited by universities, nonprofit organizations, and local government to speak about the ways environmental conservation, government, local stakeholders and business can work together within the confines of the Chinese economy.  As a former professional rock/ice climber and whitewater kayaker, and as a true innovator in the world of socially responsible film making, McArthur uses these skills to be at ease in all environments in order to fully focus on the filming and production of your once in a lifetime experience here with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic.

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