Darcy Vanderbush

Wellness Specialist

Darcy was raised in rural Michigan, spending as much time as possible in nature. After a skiing trip to Aspen, she fell in love with the Rocky Mountains.  Following her passion to ski and rock climb, she chose Boulder, Colorado as her home.

Having a keen interest in the mind/body connection, Darcy attended the University of Colorado, receiving her MA degree in Psychology.  Longing to travel and improve her Spanish she began exploring the mountains and cultures in South America. Living in Peru, Ecuador and Chile she learned alternative approaches to health and healing.  An unfortunate climbing accident led her to yoga as a means to heal. Wanting to dive deeper into the yoga traditions she went to India to study Ayurvedic medicine, meditation, and to become a yoga instructor.

The travel bug has taken Darcy to all seven continents including guiding in the Arctic, trekking to Everest basecamp and climbing in the French Alps.  She started with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic leading land extensions to Patagonia, Easter Island and various other destinations.  She joined the Wellness program, working as a Wellness Specialist and loved leading fast paced hikes in one of her favorite places, Southeast Alaska.  She is now enjoying her role as wellness coordinator.  

Darcy likes to hike, read, explore new travel itineraries, and do volunteer work in developing countries in her free time.  She is also a huge dog lover!


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