David Wright

National Geographic Photographer

Filmmaker and photographer David Wright has worked in over 45 countries, in diverse location such as the Australian Outback, to spending two years in Arctic Svalbard shooting the National Geographic film Realm of the Great White Bear. The story followed a family of polar bears through an epic polar odyssey. The project won an Emmy for Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking and an Emmy nomination for Cinematography. In 2013 he brought home another Emmy, this time winning for Cinematography, recognizing the work on another National Geographic series Untamed Americas.

Traveling the globe, David has also shot wildlife and human interest stories for the BBC, the Discovery Channel and more. His work covers a wide variety of projects, such as Sir David Attenborough’s Life in Cold Blood and Frozen Planet, PBS NOVA, and National Geographic’s long running Explorer series. 

David recently worked on a film about Pacific walrus on the remote St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Straits, as well as a PBS/NG Special commemorating 100 years since the building of Fenway Park. He specializes in using the latest imaging technologies, including HD high speed cameras, gyro-stabilized units to film from helicopters, and ultra high-definition cameras.

In addition to film production, David teaches video workshops. He has also participated in biological research projects and undercover investigations that have resulted in significant findings, among them, the capture of a new species of Australian snake and giant spider in the Kimberley region, documenting new and dramatic feeding habits of saltwater crocodiles and highlighting the illegal trade in ivory, rhino horn, and whale meat across Asia and Central Africa.