Diego Paredes


Diego was born in Ambato, a city in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes region, surrounded by volcanoes, flora, fauna, and beautiful scenery. Since he can remember, he was always interested in geology and nature, and in 1998 these interests led him to move to the Galápagos Islands. Diego immediately fell in love with such a unique part of our planet and wanted to continue his studies in order to help him better understand his new home. He attended the Universidad Central del Ecuador and received a degree in ecotourism. Then, in 2005, he completed the Galápagos National Park course to become a certified naturalist guide and has been working in the islands ever since.

He is a man of simple tastes, who is happiest when taking photographs and spending time connected to nature. At the same time, he also enjoys being able to interpret and share both his knowledge and his passion for the beautiful Galápagos Islands with the rest of the world. Diego considers himself extremely fortunate to be able to spend a considerable amount of time traveling around the islands and the rest of his country. He combines his knowledge with photographic abilities to create pictures that express the essence of the Galápagos, and finds that birds are his most challenging yet favorite subject to capture through a lens.

When not in the Galápagos, Diego enjoys spending time with his daughter and family. He also tries to travel as much as possible and strongly believes it is the best way to communicate his love for this planet and to understand efforts others are involved in with protecting it for future generations.

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