Ella Potts


Growing up, Ella spent much of her time swimming and kayaking in the cold waters off the rugged coast of West Wales. It was there that she first found her love of the ocean. From those early beginnings she went on to study Biology at undergraduate degree and Environmental Biology, Conservation and Resource Management to Masters degree level, at Swansea University. During her studies, Ella took an ecosystem approach towards assessing the health of our marine systems, with her specialism being in our oceans apex predators, the cetaceans. Following her studies, Ella decided to put her scientific background to good use and move into marine conservation.

Ella has worked for several marine conservancy non-government organizations, including the cetacean charities ORCA, Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) and British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), for whom she is a trained Marine Mammal Medic and currently the Area Coordinator for Argyll. Ella has presented countless public talks on the behavior, ranges, habits and conservation threats of our whales and dolphins to vastly ranging audiences; from groups of young children right up to filled auditoriums at the headquarters of HWDT partner, WWF.

She is a seasoned professional in Wildlife Guiding and Naturalist work, providing marine interpretation aboard various vessels since 2011. Her favorite locations to survey to date are the Bay of Biscay, where she identified her first blue whale or her native waters around the Hebrides, where she has been lucky enough to glimpse the rare and highly endangered pod of West Coast Community Killer Whales.

When Ella is not guiding aboard vessels or working with BDMLR, she occupies herself with involvement in ongoing cetacean research projects and is an avid photographer. Ella enjoys capturing images and film of the rare and charismatic species found around the Isle of Mull, which she has made her home, in the Hebrides.

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