Erin Britton


Erin is a wildlife ranger who has spent nearly all of her life in northern Australia, including growing up in the Kimberley exploring remote and wild places. She now works as part of a small team responsible for catching and managing crocodiles in Australia's "Top End" with the Northern Territory Government. Her experiences have taken her to many and varied destinations from Asia, across Europe, and to the Americas. Erin is interested in the big picture of how wildlife, landscapes, and cultures interact, but above all she loves working in the wild as far from an office as possible.

Erin's broad interest in ecology and exploring diverse locations has led her to some remarkable experiences, such as working as a marine ranger on a remote island in the Caribbean where embracing local culture became just as important as tagging leatherback turtles. Her scientific work has included surveys of miniature "pygmy" freshwater crocodiles in remote escarpment areas, and catching Nile crocodiles for genetic samples in the Okavango Delta.

In the past Erin has run an environmental consultancy business with her husband Adam, running a number of research and management projects including working with dozens of international television and film crews. Erin currently lives in rural Darwin in northern Australia.

Upcoming Expeditions

  • Dec 16, 2018
  • Dec 26, 2018

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