Frank Garita


Born in Costa Rica, Frank has dedicated much of his life to environmental education and is now particularly focused on the biology and conservation of cetaceans.  He studied marine biology at the National University of Costa Rica and he is involved in research on the migration of humpback whales along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Since 1999, he has worked as a research assistant for the Cascadia Institute and as a scientific guide.  Frank is a member of the Costa Rican Foundation KETO, which works to protect marine life and conduct environmental education focused on cetaceans. He is an active member of the Latin American Society of Specialists in Aquatic Mammals, SOLEMAC, and he forms part of the Latin American web of photo-identification of whales.

Frank is also a founding member and president of the Costa Rican Environmental Association VIDA. As the coordinator of several volunteer projects, he has traveled throughout Costa Rica and many other countries.

He has been a naturalist guide in Costa Rica for over 10 years and a lecturer since 2001. He is happily married to German biologist and university professor, Monika Springer. He has a young son, Sebastian, to whom he dedicated his first children’s’ book, The first year of Ceto, which was published through WWF. His hobbies are photography, traveling, and wildlife watching. He is convinced that he feels more comfortable in the sea than on land.

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