Gerardo Niklitschek


Gerardo is a native of Puerto Varas, located in Lake District, main gate to north Patagonia. Naturalist and trekker, sea kayaker and rafting guide, he studied at the University of Playa Ancha Valparaiso in physical training and outdoor education. He’s also pioneered developing outdoor activities in the area of Puerto Varas since 1990.

Gerardo has been heavily involved in outdoor activities, creating different traverse kayaking and trekking routes, forming guidelines for the outdoor activities and helping form Professionals of Outdoor Recreation in North Patagonia. Today he works as teacher at Los Lagos University in Puerto Montt in sea kayaking and rafting activities.

Gerardo also created Alsur Expeditions, a Chilean travel operator focusing on naturalists and environmental trips. He was also involved with the Pumalin Park project from the very beginning, working closely with Fundacion Pumalin. Together they have helped preserve some fragile ecosystem spots in Pumalin Park, like the natural hot spring of Cahuelmo.

He has actively participated in various environmental campaigns with different NGOs, like Fundacion Patagonia, Oceana, Butler Foundation and Pumalin Foundation.

Today he works with the Butler Foundation on different environmental projects in Patagonia, Argentina and Chile. He is especially excited about the future Patagonia park, a project by Conservation Patagonica, and also the creation of a kayak school for local people in communities like Tortel in Chile.

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