Giancarlo Toti


Giancarlo was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador where he attended both elementary and high school at the American School of Guayaquil. After high school he became fascinated by technology, so he decided to pursue a career as an industrial engineer at the Polytechnic Institute of Guayaquil (ESPOL). After four years working for a CAT dealership, Giancarlo was hired by the Charles Darwin Research Station to head the marine lab’s operations and logistics division. At the same time, he became a dive officer for the Research Station.

Since then, Giancarlo has become involved in several projects in the Galápagos marine reserve, spending hundreds of hours diving around these waters. Giancarlo was accepted into the naturalist Guide course offered by the Galápagos National Park. Since successfully completing the course to become a certified naturalist, Giancarlo has enjoyed sharing his time and dedication with visitors to show the importance of this piece of heaven on earth.

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